Tulsa Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Program

Enter the world of AR/VR and take advantage of the emerging and exciting technologies that will impact the future of many industries.

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What are Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Augmented Reality refers to experiences that use devices like your cell phone to allow you to interact digitally with the world around you. Simple things like scanning a QR code or more advanced technology like Snapchat/TikTok filters that change the appearance of your face are everyday Augmented Reality experiences.

Virtual Reality refers to entirely digital experiences using dedicated devices, like a VR headset that completely masks your vision with a small computer screen, fully immersing you in a digital world. The metaverse refers, in part, to a digital world accessible through these kinds of devices.

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20 Months

Computer Science &Augmented and Virtual Reality

Credential Earned: Diploma

Certification/Licensure: Not applicable.

Delivery Method: DE-Blended

There is no licensure or certification requirement to work in this field.

This program builds a foundation of how programming languages and Unix systems work; they will learn to hone the technical and creative skills needed in their field. They will learn the necessary skills to develop for portable devices and full immersion experiences. Students will gain expertise in development in C#, Unity3D, and more. They will be ready to apply their problem-solving skills to any business situation that they are presented with.

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Sep 5, 2023

Applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Video games that use VR headsets and hand-held controllers for immersive gameplay are often associated with Virtual Reality, but there are other practical applications as well.

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VR Simulations

Medical doctors and pilots, among other professions, use simulations as a way to safely practice techniques in training before trying them out in the “real world.”

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Museums use VR and AR to increase accessibility and create new experiences for guests.

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AR can be used by companies to provide more comprehensive interactions for their customers and training for their employees.

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AR Experience

If you’ve ever scanned a QR code or used a filter on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve interacted with Augmented Reality.

Career Opportunities

This program prepares you for a career within these fields as outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (SOC).


Software and Web Developers, Programmers, and Testers


Computer Programmers


Software Developers


Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers


Web Developers


Web and Digital Interface Designers

Graduates in this program can reasonably expect to get jobs as a Game Developer, Mobile Game Developer, Systems Engineer, AR/VR Content Developer, Interactive Designer, Immersive Experience Designer, or Gameplay Programmer

Hear from some employers who have hired our graduates

Colson Scott

“Holberton is a place that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your background or circumstance, and fosters the breadth of foundational skills, both technical and interpersonal, that you'll need to be successful as a programmer!”

Colson Scott

Full-Stack Software Engineer



Isaac Green

“The people are kind and passionate, the culture is driven and creative, and the students are from all different kinds of backgrounds and interests. Holberton focused on important soft and hard skills that set me apart from typical university students and gave me a significant advantage in the application and hiring processes.”

Isaac Green

Machine Learning Engineer



Included in all Holberton Programs:

Technical Writing

Technical writing is an invaluable skill and an excellent way to articulate and share knowledge.


Collaboration is key to a successful business. Students learn project management, interpersonal communication, and team collaboration skills.

Mock Interviews

It’s not enough to know the answers to the questions – students must be able to clearly communicate their thought processes and understanding to potential employers.

The Framework

The Framework provides the structure, order, and balance necessary to maintain a productive peer learning environment and helps students succeed throughout their careers.


Whiteboarding is an essential skill in the tech industry, both for effective planning and for excelling in tech interviews.

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