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Holberton School Tulsa’s programs are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce and fulfill the needs of the dynamic technology sector. Each program emphasizes a different specialization within software engineering, providing a general foundation in computer science literacy before developing the skills and technical knowledge necessary for success in a particular field.

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Jan 2, 2024

Entry-level career ready

Technical Writing

Technical writing is an invaluable skill and an excellent way to articulate and share knowledge.


Collaboration is key to a successful business. Students learn project management, interpersonal communication, and team collaboration skills.

Mock Interviews

It’s not enough to know the answers to the questions – students must be able to clearly communicate their thought processes and understanding to potential employers.

The Framework

The Framework provides the structure, order, and balance necessary to maintain a productive peer learning environment and helps students succeed throughout their careers.


Whiteboarding is an essential skill in the tech industry, both for effective planning and for excelling in tech interviews.

Who is this for?

Unsure if Holberton School Tulsa is the right fit for you? Let’s do a quick checklist:

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If any of these sounds like you, Holberton could be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or have 30 years of work experience, Holberton’s innovative learning method will have you career ready in as little as 20 months.

The Holberton Way

Peer-Based Learning

Emphasizes comprehension and the ability to learn in a collaborative environment.

This approach also gives students the opportunity to explore problems and challenges that have real-world applications, increasing their long-term retention of ever-evolving skills and concepts and the ability to apply them once on the job.

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Project-Based Learning

Closely resembles what happens in a software engineer’s work environment

Results in a greater depth of concept understanding, a broader knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and increased creativity.

Opportunity to explore challenges with real-world applications and an approach to skill-building that prepares them to adapt to the ever-evolving tech industry.

Our Educational Objectives

Stay progressive in the development of our educational offerings by keeping an eye on changes and trends within the tech community.

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Use innovative approaches and methods in a non-traditional school environment, emphasizing a broad range of skills.

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Teach students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, project management, time management, researching information, goal setting, and prioritization skill sets.

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Provide a comprehensive, concentrated, qualitative educational program that guides our students through career-readiness training that meets the needs of an ever-changing technological environment

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Provide learners with the academic, cognitive, and professional skills

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If you can make it through our application process, then Holberton School Tulsa is an excellent place for you to become a great coder!

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