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A New Kind of Education

We live in a new era of education, one with multiple paths to employment after high school. Some students head straight into the workforce while others go on to four-year universities. Holberton Tulsa is a vocational school that exists for those looking for an alternative pathway to a fulfilling career.

Workforce Ready

Our programs are designed with Tulsa in mind. We communicate extensively with employers, local and national, to ensure that our course programs prepare students for the realities of the current job market. All of our programs are 20 months long on a trimester system. The first two trimesters are spent learning basic computer science skills and the latter three trimesters are focused on a specific field of study.

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More Than Just Coding

We are, at our core, a software engineering school. However, this is more than just learning a single coding language. At Holberton Tulsa, we focus on ensuring that our graduates are prepared to succeed in their careers.

Technical Skills

  • Peer learning teaches students how to work within a team, look for resources and answers on their own, develop leadership skills, and leverage resources to solve problems.
  • Project-based education allows students to establish time-management skills, manage and work with teams, set and achieve realistic goals, and understand how to deliver on workplace expectations.
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Building Relationships

  • Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and lived experiences. The diverse student population encourages engagement with new viewpoints and allows students to mentor and build each other up as they navigate this transition to a new career.
  • Working with other students builds a fantastic sense of community that many graduates cite as their favorite part of being a Holbie grad.
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Professional Development

  • Our Career Services department helps students with everything from setting up a resume to negotiating for a higher salary.
  • Networking events put our students in conversation with employers, so they can get a better understanding of what the job market and life after graduation will look like before they enter the workforce.
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Alumni Stories

Colson Scott

“Holberton is a place that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your background or circumstance, and fosters the breadth of foundational skills, both technical and interpersonal, that you'll need to be successful as a programmer!”

Colson Scott

Full-Stack Software Engineer



Isaac Green

“The people are kind and passionate, the culture is driven and creative, and the students are from all different kinds of backgrounds and interests. Holberton focused on important soft and hard skills that set me apart from typical university students and gave me a significant advantage in the application and hiring processes.”

Isaac Green

Machine Learning Engineer



On-Campus Support

The transition into a career in software can be challenging, regardless of where one starts. We want to ensure all of our students succeed in their time at Holberton.

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Financial Plans

We believe the inability to pay upfront should not inhibit access to education. Our financial team works to find solutions for each student that set them up for a successful future. Contact our financial department to learn about your options.

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Living Assistance

Students can apply for needs-based living assistance to help support them through their time at Holberton. Contact our financial department for details.

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Student Success

In addition to our education facilitators, we have a team of dedicated student success staff to support students as they navigate their time at Holberton.

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Holberton Tulsa works with empac to provide counseling sessions to students individually and/or with members of their household at no additional cost. Appointments and scheduling are handled through empac, and we do not receive any confidential information related to use of this service.

Our Campus

Holberton Tulsa is a state-of-the-art 17,000+ square foot facility located in the Arts District of Downtown Tulsa. Our campus has two kitchen areas for students, a rooftop patio, large meeting spaces, and several private conference rooms and phone booths. Students have access to campus 24/7 with security on site after hours. We have desktop computers, ethernet, and wifi available on site, as well as Chromebooks for students to check out.

Holberton Tulsa does not provide dorms or residence halls for students.

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