Our admissions process is designed to teach you the basics of computer coding—even if you have no experience—and help you determine if Holberton Tulsa is right for you.

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Jan 2, 2024

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Our Admissions Process

Our admissions process has four parts that you can complete in any order. The whole admissions process takes about one to two weeks and demonstrates your aptitude, determination, and eligibility for enrollment. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the next available start dates.


Our application takes about 5 minutes to submit. This lets us know you are interested in our programs.

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Online, Research-Based Challenges

The research challenges don’t require any previous coding experience, but instead look for an applicant's ability to dive into something new and demonstrate basic research skills needed to be successful in Holberton School programs.

You will learn the basics of linux coding with the terminal and create your own website! Sound tough? Don't worry, we'll help you through it!

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Technical Challenge

Applicants can expect to tackle a brief technical challenge based on information learned in the research portion of the admissions process.

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All prospective students will have an interview with a member of our admissions team. This can be done either in person at the campus or virtually, but we encourage prospective students to visit campus prior to enrollment!

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Admissions Criteria

At Holberton, we’re looking for students who have gained a high school diploma or its equivalent and have shown that they work hard and are excited to learn the Holberton way. We evaluate all applicants and make admissions decisions on an individual basis following the admission policies found in our catalog.

Almost all of our application process is automated to reduce as much unconscious bias as possible. We encourage prospective students to apply for admission as soon as possible for a specific start date. Students must complete the entire admissions process on or before the first day of class for all programs. Students who fail to complete the admissions process four days before the first day of class may be required to reschedule to another start date.

Holberton Catalog

Download our catalog to see our full admissions requirements.


Check Out Our Programs

Many Holberton students enroll with little to no technical background. Take a look at the programs we offer to see where you could be 20 months from now.


Affordability should never impede access to education. That’s why Holberton’s Finance Department is equipped with the knowledge to help create an individual financial plan that suits each student’s unique needs.

Financial options will be discussed during the admissions process. You can also review our financial information here. Students should contact the Finance department for information.

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Ready to Apply?

If you can make it through our application process, then Holberton School Tulsa is an excellent place for you to become a great coder!

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