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What is Holberton Tulsa?

Holberton Tulsa is a software engineering vocational school.

What is “peer-based learning”?

Peer learning encourages students to form relationships with one another by positioning experienced students as a resource for novices, while also giving students at the same level the opportunity to learn and teach as they work together. It means that you will be working with other students on projects throughout your time at Holberton.

Why are your courses project based?

Real work environments don’t rely on tests, lectures, and memorization; they rely on people having the necessary skills to work with a team to execute tasks. By teaching our students to learn how to code the way they’ll be learning new skills throughout their careers, we set them up for success in the workforce.

Does Holberton Tulsa have instructors?

As a student, you will work with our education facilitators: professionals and software developers with experience in fields related to our course programs. Our education facilitators help students utilize the framework to solve problems, act as a resource when needed, and oversee our curriculum.

What resources do you have to support students outside of class?

At Holberton Tulsa, we are constantly working to provide the best possible conditions for students to be successful.

  • Students ay qualify for needs-based living assistance during their time at Holberton Tulsa. Contact the Finance Department for details.
  • We have a food pantry on campus, courtesy of the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, which gives students access to food, toiletries, and other basic necessities. Students have access to it when campus is open.
  • We provide students with access to confidential counseling sessions through EMPAC. These are available for students to use individually or with members of their household. Appointments and scheduling are handled through empac, and we do not receive any confidential information related to student use of this service.
Can I transfer external credits to Holberton Tulsa?

Holberton Tulsa does not accept course credits from external institutions. Refer to other institutions policies on whether or not they will accept Holberton Tulsa course credit.

What is the schedule at Holberton Tulsa?

Students are generally only required to be on campus for Peer Learning Days, which take place once a week. There may be other days where students are required to attend on-campus events as coursework requires. The campus is open 24/7 for students to access. Some parts of campus may close for external events. These closures will be communicated to students beforehand.

How do you place students in jobs?

We work with students throughout their time at Holberton to ensure they are ready for entry into the workforce upon graduation. This includes teaching relevant professional development skills like resume building and networking, as well as offering several opportunities for them to interface directly with employers. We provide internal and external resources to assist students and alumni in the job search process, as well as access to 1:1 assistance with our staff.

Are tech careers in high demand?

Technology is increasingly important to our everyday lives. This won’t change, even when individual companies may struggle. There are so many industries—health, education, transportation, commerce—that will continue to rely on technological advances to keep up with our modern world. The Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development cites software developers in their top 25 critical occupations for the state of Oklahoma, and many more software related fields in the top 100.

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